I hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far. Due to time constraints, volunteer status and financial issues we will be postponing a main event in 2018. We will still aim to hold small events and fundraisers during the year in hopes of starting back up in a new venue in 2020. Thank you to everyone that has supported Capital Cosplay over the years and if you have ideas for small events or just wish to help please feel free to contact us from the email below. 


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About Capital Cosplay

Capital Cosplay is an annual convention based around celebrating the art and performance of Cosplay. We have been active since 2013 and are based in Fredericton, NB, Canada. In 2014 we partnered with EnBiCon Gaming Convention to bring a truly unique grouping of fandoms together. After 2017 we are moving toward developing a stand alone event once more, which we hope to have running in 2020. Events during the convention usually consist of our signature Cosplay Stage Show, panels, performance,vendors and more! You are not required to have a costume to attend, half of the event is geared to learning about how to make costumes through panels and workspaces. Keep tuned to this page for more info and email questions and requests to capitalcosplaycon@gmail.com 


Email Address: capitalcosplaycon@gmail.com

Phone Number: 506-651-5003

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