“A Universe Born of Chaos, A World Covered in Darkness, A War for Salvation”

The world of Ines sits at the center of the universe. Millenia after the great Dragi saved the world from an ancient evil, a remnant returns to threaten existence once again. As the war progresses poorly, Onixia, a young Angelous soldier, is thrown headfirst into a quest to save the world from certain doom.

Six New Panels! We are moving forward!

State of Project

Sadly Of Time And Space: Lunar Rise #1 failed to launch again.


There are 19 pages left to make, I have made the decision to try and fund the remaining book myself. I estimate it will take about 6 months for me to pay for everything, assuming we don't have another lock down here due to the pandemic .

If you want to support the project there a web store for selling products based off the perks for this campaign, so mugs, posters and more.

All the profits will help further fund the completion of the book faster. Follow the link below to see what's available.

Thank you all for your continuing support!

- Larry Holder

The first campaign raised 31% of our final goal for completion. Thank you to everyone that supported us!

Issue #1 Cover Design by Rob Cannon

Major Update

Artist Rob Cannon has been hired as the sequential artist for Lunar Rise Book 1. Rob is the artist behind the successful independent comic "GLAXIAL". You can see examples of Rob's work in the link below to his website. I am very excited to have Rob on board. 

Rob Cannon's Site

Sequential Art Log 

First Update

Below are some samples of work that Rob has delivered during our month long design phase. So far all is living up to my highest expectations and Rob's style is blending perfectly with my visions.

Second Update

Below are some more designs that Rob did in the planning process. He is now starting on the first 10 pages that will be used as samples for the crowd funding coming in May.

Third Update

10 pages of the book are done so far, I have ordered 4 more before we launch the Indiegogo. I am hoping to launch the campaign around the 3rd week in May 2019. Stay tuned for more updates.

Design Log

First Update

Character Design : Onixia (On-Ah-Ze-Ah)

Artist David Coates lends me his talent to bring to life the main character of the first chapter of OTAS (The Lunar Rise)

Conception of Onixia

Onixia came into the story in around 2008 when I decided the backstory to the first tale, to what will now be Chapter 2, was getting too big and deserved it's own tale. He was developed from a Homin(human) character, Ebalis, that when powered up grew wings, and turned into a new race I developed called the "Angelous".

Second Update

Poster Design: The Floating Isles of the Angelous

Through the magic of artist Daswhox, the home of Onixia and the Angelous can be seen in full conceptual beauty. I knew the second I saw Daswhox's work, it needed to be part of this project somehow. So I present to you the first poster design. 

Third Update

Poster Design: The Dragi

To bring this creation alive artist André Boulard, breaths the magic into the extremely important serpentine race known as the "Dragi". These creatures play a huge part in Chapter 1: The Lunar Rise. I couldn't be more happy with this piece and how he brought my idea to life in the way I always wanted them to look.

Fourth Update

Character Design: The First Creature 

Character Design: The Nocturne (Knock-Turn)

The villains of Of Time And Space are a bit different due to their origin, which will be explained in the first few pages of the book. The first of the bunch is a massive grotesque monster that towers all the creatures of the time and brings untold levels of death and carnage. These two designs done wonderfully by Kelly Wass, also known as Hawk Art.  He shows the Lovecraftian creatures in all  their slimy glory. 

Fifth Update

Character Design: Selene (C-El'Lean)

Another master work from André Boulard, this time for a character design. Selene is a minor character in The Lunar Rise, but plays a larger role later in the grand story that is Of Time And Space. I must say this design is a personal favorite of mine.

Sixth Update

Character Design: Themiar (Them-air)

Another amazing piece from André Boulard, showcasing the leader of the Angelous people in The Lunar Rise, Themiar. His role may surprise many in the story, as the state of the world unfolds to the reader.

Seventh Update

Character Design: Phasenion (Faze-knee-on)

 André Boulard delivers the goods once again. This time key character, Phasenion, is brought to life. He plays the classic trope of the mentor character to Onixia in the story. 

Eighth Update

Character Design: Lucara (Lew-car-a)

 André Boulard brings form to another character. Lucara plays the role of a rival and antagonist to Onixia. He is part of the catalyst that begins his quest.

Ninth Update

Character Design: Ragos (Rag-o-ss)

 André Boulard presents his final character design for the first issue, Ragos. Ragos is the big bad in the current age of the story and is the root cause of the world's issues.

The Conception of Of Time and Space 

by Larry Holder

"Of Time and Space" is a project of passion. It started as a simple story, first conceived as an animated movie project roughly 18 years ago, it slowly morphed into a novelized format. When it was clear that written word was not enough to represent the full splender of the world in my head, I decided to rewrite it as a comic book. It was the best of both worlds, the written word paired with the visual language of art, in a medium I love. 

There is a current wave of creative and innovative independently funded comics finding their market from those disenfranchised by the mainstream direction of comics. This book aims to resonate with those looking for more classic tales of science fiction and fantasy. 

It is my goal to find and hire artistic talent to visualize this dream to the full extent and produce a book that will expand to many issues and a grand tale of adventure spanning thousands of years in the story.

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